Facebook Pages

Facebook has over 700 million users worldwide, creating endless possibilities for businesses that can establish a presence using Facebook pages. FETCHbranding can design and implement a Facebook Mini that will mimic your existing website and help you attract potential clients using one of the hottest marketing tools available today.

FETCHbranding can design, slice, implement, integrate, inspire, program, code, and conceptualize your Facebook presence through the use of Facebook Pages for your business. We have taken our knowledge of web technologies and applied it to the emerging marketing tools that Facebook has made available.

If you do not have a Facebook Mini you are not properly marketing your business. The advantages of having a Facebook page are endless. Every new visitor that lands on your Facebook page will see your Facebook Mini. It will give them a chance to decide if they are interested in your company or if you are not a good fit. It will filter potential leads for you; you will know that those that do like your page have the potential to turn into paying customers.

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