Application Development

With the rapid application framework, CodeIgnitor, FETCHbranding is able to catapault its development services into the next century. Anything you can imagine, anything you can conceptualize we can do – and fast. CI gives us the ability to scope out a project, determine an accurate delivery time, and produce amazing results while keeping costs to a minimum.

FETCHbranding offers applications development services using the CodeIgnitor framework. We begin by helping you scope your project – building a solid development track that will take us from beginning to end. Each function is considered and every process is modeled before the first line of code is ever written. The process helps us create a solid development schedule that our team of programmers will follow.

FETCHbranding has and is developing several applications of its own. Make sure to check them out in our blogs section as we discuss some of the intricacies and nuances with developing a custom application that is meant for business purposes.

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