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4 Steps for Planning Your Next Event Just Like a Child’s Birthday Party

1. Pick a theme

In the event industry we call this branding, but to a parent or child, choosing a theme is a way of representing what’s important and relevant to the child. Or in the case of a corporate event or meeting, what’s current with company trends.

Just like a birthday party, an event’s brand consistency is invaluable. Invitations, decorations, press releases, web coverage and social media campaigns should all represent the theme of the event. When choosing a theme, consider the existing company logo and brand the event to keep in line with everyday brand standards.

Something to consider for quarterly or annual events and conferences:

What’s “cool” to a kid one year may not be “hot” the next. A Winnie the Pooh theme isn’t relevant after the toddler years and a princess unicorn party won’t do the trick for little boys- what works for one group may not work for another.

Consider your audience and mix up your theme to keep your events relevant and keep your attendees excited!

2.Don’t over schedule i.e., let them play!

Planning games and entertainment for children can be a bit challenging when considering holding the attention of a group of young ones. And the same can be said for adults.

When organizing meeting schedules at your next conference, don’t overdo it. As important as these lectures, focus groups and break-out sessions are to the growth of your business, down time, fun team building activities and happy hour socials can determine the level of enthusiasm from your attendees as well as their willingness to engage during  work hours– both during the special event AND on a day-to-day basis.

3. Give takeaway bags

Goodie bags are one of the best parts of any party: from a 7 year old’s birthday to the coveted Academy Awards bag. A lot can be learned from these two gift bags from two totally different ends of the “takeaway” spectrum.

A child’s birthday party bag should always be in keeping with the party’s theme and mindful of the recipient. Same rules apply for grown-up parties. Take away items are another way to brand the event. Plus these items will continue to express the event’s messages, long after the event has ended.

Every year, entertainment news outlets cover what’s “in” the goodie bag at the Academy Awards. Often, the bags are filled with freebies and promotions from various businesses trying to boost their sales and celebrity clientele. Take a tip from the Academy, let your event sponsors contribute to filling these bags. Not only will you be able to increase your sponsor contributions, but this will give you the opportunity to “co-brand” these gifts. Co-branded gifts still promote your company, AND you can split the bill with your counterpart.

Something to consider:

Although it may be tempting to cut the budget for promotional items by including a simple pen or stress ball, keep in mind the ROI of these items. Would you want to spend $1 on an item that will likely be thrown away or a little more on a product that your guests will keep and use for years to come?

4. Relax and Enjoy

For every party, ever thrown, a lot of planning and stress go in to preparing for the big day. For parents, it’s important to remember not to get too wrapped up in the half-eaten pieces of birthday cake strewn around the house or the mess that will be left behind after everyone leaves. What is important is being present to share this special day with the guest of honor, your child.

For corporate events, no matter how much preparation or how many dollars have been spent, a relaxed approach will go far on the big day. Also, hiring a coordinator can alleviate a lot of stress and allow you to engage with your guests while the coordinator takes care of managing the event and putting out any little fires that may catch.


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