Why should tailgating be your next advertising venture?

Why should tailgating be your next advertising venture?

With great football comes even better tailgating. The origin of tailgating is uncertain, but the popular theories are that parking was limited at Ivy League schools, so fans would arrive hours earlier and socialize to pass the time. Another theory is that families walked to baseball games after church on Sundays in the 1900s and tailgating was born out of the “communal hours” between the service and the start of the game. There’s no denying Americans love to tailgate before sporting events. Why not invest in tailgating products?

According to some interesting statistics from Nationwide Insurance:

  • There are an estimated 50 million tailgaters in the US
  • Up to $12 billion is spent on tailgating activities each year
  • 2 out of every 5 tailgaters spend over $500 per season on food and supplies

There are a number of items that can be used to show “team spirit” and to ensure that you throw the best house or tailgate party. If you’re throwing a tailgate, you need coolers, chairs and snacks. Of course, you can’t forget cups! To thank your guests for coming, you can send them home with custom tumblers or other items imprinted with your company logo. These can be used over and over again for many tailgates to come! Tailgating does not seem to be something that’s going to die out any time soon, so why not use this as an advertising opportunity? You can get your company’s logo into the hands of everyone celebrating their favorite team by putting it on products such as coolers and folding chairs.


By. Colette Hanna (Meeting and Convention Coordinator)

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