Case Studies: Using Team Spirit as a Marketing Tool
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Case Studies: Using Team Spirit as a Marketing Tool



Sports fans love any opportunity to show off their team spirit (sometimes even when their team isn’t much to be proud of). This is an excellent opportunity to meet your company’s marketing needs. Rally towels have been a popular item since the 70s. They are small towels that have the teams’ logos on them and are given to fans to wave in support of their teams.

Ben Grossman, founder and CEO of Grossman Marketing Group saw this as a marketing opportunity and developed a rally towel giveaway for the Boston Bruins hockey team. Up to 20,000 rally towels are given out at every game. Rally towels can be seen at all four major American sports leagues and are extremely versatile, making them a successful marketing campaign. Although they are mainly used at actual games, they can be taken home and used again and again.


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