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Adapted from BizBash Original article: http://www.bizbash.com/foxs-american-idol-13-finalist-event-producer-yourbash-gave/gallery/137345#.VUpVhflVhBc 1. Custom Wallpaper  

1. Pick a theme In the event industry we call this branding, but to a parent or child, choosing a theme is a way of representing what’s important and relevant…

Staged Right Events and FETCHbranding were honored to be in attendance last Thursday night at Collins Elementary School for a ribbon cutting ceremony, officially opening the new Reading Oasis sponsored…

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Meetings and Events

Events Done Right

We deliver a custom-crafted experience, that will exceed your expectation, and not your budget! Imagine that!

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Promotional Products

Leverage Your Identity

Leverage your identity, and maximize your exposure by using creative promotional products.

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Brand Management

From Tired to Inspired

We develop brands that blend OUT not IN. It’s what we do!


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